Commercial and Industrial

Covert Installations specialise in providing security systems tailored to your business needs. Our bespoke design services keep your offices, your factories, your warehouses, your shops, safe and secure along with your staff and clients.

Every facet of your business will be protected, from the valuables in your head office to the staff working in your warehouses.
Our experienced commercial security system consultants will ensure your essential data and your high-value stock will be protected by discussing your concerns and designing the perfect solution.

Our commercial security systems portfolio such as CCTV Systems, Access Control Solutions, or Entry Systems are perfect for small retail premises, commercial warehouses or office towers, all installed with minimum disruption to your business.

Our current diverse customer base ranges from large corporate PLC’s to multi-site organisations, retailers, distributers, financiers, and the construction industry.

Our access control systems provide a range of technical solutions that allow the free flow of authorised people whilst denying entry to unwanted guests, whilst sensitive areas can have additional layers of security imbedded.

Our CCTV systems enable you to monitor your building and assets 24 hours a day to ensure your business is not losing money through theft or vandalism and are tailored to the unique needs of your premises.

Door Entry systems supply a simple yet effective deterrent against unauthorised entry, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.