Management and Letting Companies

Preventative security measures need to be implemented that meet the needs of the tenants and the risks associated with the surrounding area.

At Covert Installations, we’re experienced in providing comprehensive security systems in combination with defined property protocols that suit your specific needs. We have been installing security systems in facilities and residences throughout the South East for the past 32 years.

We recognise the challenges property managers face dealing with multiple properties both commercial and residential. We specialize in comprehensive security systems that include fire and burglar alarms, access control solutions, video surveillance, and system monitoring.

There is no “one-stop” security solution for any development or residence. It’s imperative to involve a security systems specialist. Covert Installations will assess the risks associated with your particular facility and design a system that suits your specific needs. Management companies have people that depend on them to maintain the facilities they utilize, and security should be a major factor.

We understand the value a security system can add to a development.