Digital CCTV

We have access to the full range of CCTV hardware, from the humble basic one-camera unit to highly intuitive multi-camera systems with infrared night vision and real-time recording.

We can help our customers choose from any of the myriad of new CCTV technology to decide which suits them best. We can integrate with Smartphones, Tablets and PC’s enabling clients to remote view their properties constantly from any location and at any time.

From monitoring a general area to detailed facial recognition, Covert Installations will always undertake a thorough survey of the premises, together with the client, in order to agree a suitable solution. All of our systems are compliant with the Data Protection Act and provide digital, high-resolution images.

Our CCTV solutions, including but are not limited to:

• Fully functional PC based Systems
• Remote viewing & monitoring
• High Resolution, IP and HD Static Day & Night vision Cameras
• Covert, IP, Number plate recognition
• Upgrading or repair of an existing system
• Comprehensive maintenance, call out & after sales service
• Integration with other security systems

Highly sophisticated access control systems are now commonplace and another important piece of the security system pie.

We can install systems that provide a detailed record of all staff and visitor traffic utilising interactive fobs or swipe cards with personalised photographic ID or entry codes. We can even provide fingerprint access also known as biometrics.

These can be linked to intercom systems and video links to provide the ultimate digital monitoring of visitors to any office, factory or shop premises.

Our entry and access work ranges from single dwellings, through to blocks of multiple flats, up to housing estates of 300+ properties.Access control has two basic formats:

PC Based Systems:
PC Based Systems provide access control for multiple doors, which are all controlled from one central location, managed by computer software. This allows the client to have extensive control of each access point and in turn, specific areas within their premises.

In addition, these systems also provide the client with the ability to record and monitor movements of their staff. This would include the ability to control access to specific locations, at specific times.

Stand Alone Systems:
A Stand Alone System provides basic control at an individual access point for authorised staff, such as the front door to a building. Although not managed by software systems they still provide a high level of control & security.

Whether the requirement for access control is for residential premises or office buildings, we offer a complete installation service for audio and video systems using the latest products available.

Systems can range from a single-call-system with one entrance, to literally hundreds of calls & multiple entrances within the same building, allowing each individual user to authorise access through an electronically locked door. Video entry systems can also be integrated with access control, CCTV systems, and Smartphones to provide higher security.

Covert Installations are registered installers for BPT, London Entryphone, Videx & Raytel, although we can also supply & install any system available on the market.

With our range of Fire Alarm products, we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive range of systems and contracts that are thoroughly checked twice a year to conform to fire regulations. Many of our customers are landlords with multi-let properties all over the South East.

We take care of everything from the servicing to any issues the tenants are having with the system, making your life that bit less stressful.

We provide integrated Fire Alarm Systems as a complete investment in your business or home sourcing. After a detailed consultation we’ll evaluate your requirements to give you a cost effective system designed for your specific daily working or home environment.

This can vary from a simple one-zone system to multiple-zone addressable systems using modern smoke & heat detection devices and manual operated call points.

Advanced systems are integrated with Software based front-end applications, with CAD building layouts providing the user and the emergency services with a full graphical mimic interface.

Covert Installations can supply a variety of different intruder alarms either. Our detailed, consultative approach allied with our comprehensive range of detection products & control panels, ensures the correct system is always installed.

An investment in a properly graded Intruder Alarm provides peace of mind, acts as a deterrent and will ensure that the client is appropriately covered for insurance purposes in event of a break-in.

We supply, fit & maintain systems right across the UK and our engineers have a wealth of knowledge on alarm systems, even ones not installed by us. Being involved in these projects from the outset enables us to design the most appropriate security systems for each development to ensure a smooth installation process.