Security Considerations For Commercial Premises

Modern security equipment has never been easier to implement or as affordable as they are today. Safety and security are a major responsibility for any successful commercial property manager or management company.

Although you could rely on expensive security guards, surveillance security equipment is much more effective. Security surveillance equipment can include a large number of products and components. Initially, it may feel overwhelming browsing through all the options.

Choosing the right equipment is essential for building a proactive security system to protect assets and people. It can also keep you from purchasing unnecessary equipment and spending additional money.

Security Cameras And Image Quality
Perhaps the most essential component of a proactive security system are the security cameras that make up the system. The major factor to consider when choosing a security camera is the image quality it can produce.

Image quality is essential for capturing important details during a crime. The images produced by the security camera should be crisp and clear in order for the police to determine important details about a break-in or robbery.

High-resolution images can also make filing insurance claims easier by providing important details about the incident. You should always choose security cameras that come with higher resolution and a good frame rate.

Surveillance Camera Placement
Where the security cameras are placed is another important factor when choosing security equipment for a commercial property. A single properly placed security camera can save you money on purchasing additional cameras.
A strategically positioned security camera can monitor a large area. Security surveillance cameras can be positioned at different angles to achieve the maximum field-of-view.

Mode Of Connection
One of the most important aspects of security cameras to consider is the mode of connection. Specifically, whether the camera will make use of cables or a wireless connection.
Whether you should purchase wired or wireless security cameras is dependent on your security needs. Wired security cameras are generally recommended for commercial properties while wireless cameras can benefit smaller properties like homes.

Video Management Security Equipment
An important factor when purchasing security equipment for a commercial property will include the video management system. The video management system can be considered the heart of a security camera system.
These systems are responsible for receiving, storing, and accessing videos produced by the security cameras. There are two options you can choose from when it comes to video management systems.
These include a DVR (digital video recorder) or an NVR (network video recorder). The best video management system for your property will be dependant on the type of security cameras used. For example, a DVR is not generally used to store footage from IP cameras due to its limitations while an NVR is designed to do so.

Remote Video Monitoring
Just as many of our everyday items have become more interconnected so has modern security equipment. Some security camera systems allow for users to access the video signal of their security cameras through the internet. This has added a number of benefits and applications that commercial and residential properties can enjoy.

In many cases, access to the video feeds from your security cameras can be done through an app on your phone. Remote video monitoring can be conducted by an experienced security company. The digital security guards monitor a property’s security system from an off-site facility. They can perform a number of services and are much more affordable than physical guards.

Prevent Employee Theft
Unfortunately, one of the biggest sources of theft for a commercial property comes from employees. Not every employee will be honest and some may try to exploit their position or access. Even if they do not directly steal assets or money, they can steal time. Installing security equipment that includes security cameras can keep employees accountable.

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