How to prevent Frame Skipping on IP Cameras

If you have a large number of cameras on a DVR or NVR, it is common that the user forgets to optimize the storage space inside. A hard drive has a certain amount of cache (usually 64MB) that can properly accept incoming data and write data to the platter inside. Exceeding that cache threshold will […]

Using security cameras for other purposes is not unheard

Using security cameras for other purposes is not unheard of and is becoming more popular. Over time more zoos, animal sanctuaries, and even individuals are looking to set up live streams over the Internet. Live streaming animals and birds can help spread information on conservation efforts, assist caregivers, educate and entertain children, and offer a […]

About IP Cameras

The word IP is short for Internet Protocol. These cameras use CAT5 or CAT6 Ethernet cables to get power and send its video feed. In addition, these cables are just like a computer cable connecting to the Internet. Therefore, these cables are easy to set up. IP cameras provide flexibility and effectiveness. They are typically […]

Intrusion Security Cameras

Intrusion security cameras have been widely adopted by many businesses and homeowners because they are effective against thefts and burglars. Installing security camera systems is an important investment. There is some speculation that intrusion security cameras are ineffective at deterring intruders. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your investment is effective. An outdoor security […]

How Can Security Cameras Provide Peace Of Mind?

Everyone is familiar with seeing security cameras in places like retail stores. Commercial surveillance camera systems provide users with countless benefits, including asset protection, enhanced security, theft deterrence, and loss reduction. While most of the commercial surveillance camera uses listed above are fairly well known, there are other lesser-known applications that more and more people […]

Fraud is one of the most common ways that businesses lose money

It’s estimated that companies lose 5% of revenue each year to fraud. If you suspect fraud has occurred at your organization, take these immediate action steps: 1. Safeguard potential evidence. Preservation of evidence is key. Secure any and all potential evidence — but by all means, avoid the temptation to examine the evidence on your […]

Security Considerations For Commercial Premises

Modern security equipment has never been easier to implement or as affordable as they are today. Safety and security are a major responsibility for any successful commercial property manager or management company. Although you could rely on expensive security guards, surveillance security equipment is much more effective. Security surveillance equipment can include a large number […]

4 Useful Features To Consider For Home Security

Every home comes with a few basic security features. A deadbolt on the door, latches on the windows, smoke detectors, and so on. But, technology has moved on and tech-savvy consumers can choose to upgrade their security with integrated systems, security alarms, and surveillance cameras. Some of these features can be very helpful when it […]

Choosing Office Security Systems

It can initially be difficult to choose office security systems without the proper information. The security and surveillance industry continues to innovate and keeping up to date with these new developments and advancements can be a challenge. All successful businesses, however, recognise the importance of maintaining safety and security around and in their property. Business […]

Investing in a Modern Security Surveillance System

Purchasing a modern surveillance security system is a significant investment that should not be taken lightly. While it is true that the right security camera system provides users of all kinds with a variety of benefits, there are still many variables that should be considered in order to make the most out of your purchase. […]